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We emphasize that the goal of increasing value of human capital takes precedence over the goal of financial capital appreciation.

Opportunities, talent, technology and products are the main traction of the company's growth, and these four forces interact. Opportunity to lead talents, talent traction technology, technology traction products, products to pull more opportunities. Increasing the traction of these four forces and promoting a virtuous circle between them will accelerate the company's growth.

We strive to exemplify and reward the cumulative contributions of our employees' work, knowledge, management and risk. The use of equity distribution, the formation of the company's backbone to maintain effective control of the company, taking into account the interests of past shareholders, so that the company can achieve sustainable development. We implement the employee stock ownership system. On the one hand, we make the outstanding employees of the company a shareholder, and form a community of interests and fate between the company and the employees; on the other hand, we will continue to bring people with both ability and political integrity into the company’s backbone and become a company. Everyone.

The company's sustainable growth depends on organizational construction and cultural construction. Therefore, the basic purpose of human resource management is to establish a team of high-quality, high-level and highly united, and to create a mechanism of self-motivation, self-discipline and promotion of outstanding talents, providing the company with rapid growth and efficient operation. Guarantee.

All employees of the company are equal in personality regardless of their position. The basic principles of human resource management are fairness, fairness and openness:

Fair and shared values are our criteria for fair evaluation of employees; the clear challenge objectives and tasks for each employee are the basis for our impartial evaluation of employee performance improvement; the ability of employees to perform their duties. And potential, is a fair standard of evaluation ability that is more important than academic qualifications.

Fairness We follow the principle of giving priority to efficiency and balancing fairness. We encourage each employee to compete on the basis of sincere cooperation and commitment, and provide fair opportunities and conditions for the development of employees. Each employee should rely on his own efforts and talents to strive for the opportunities offered by the company; rely on work and self-study to improve their own quality and ability; rely on creative completion and improvement of their work to meet their own aspirations. We fundamentally negate the short-sightedness, comparison and egalitarianism in evaluation and value distribution.

Disclosure We believe that adherence to the principle of openness is a necessary condition for ensuring the fairness and fairness of human resource management. The formulation of important policies and systems of the company must be fully consulted and negotiated. Fortunately, alum, improve the transparency of system implementation. We fundamentally reject the individualistic behavior of uncontrollable, unorganized, and undisciplined.

We don't engage in a lifelong employment system, but that doesn't mean we can't work for a company for life. We advocate a free employment system, but not from the realities of the region.

We introduce competition and selection mechanisms in human resource management by establishing an internal labor market. Through the replacement of the internal labor market and the external labor market, we will promote the outstanding talents to stand out and realize the rational allocation of human resources and activate the sedimentary layer. Make people suitable for the job and make the position suitable for people.

Human resource management is not just the work of the human resources management department, but the responsibility of all managers. Each department manager has the responsibility to record, guide, support, motivate and reasonably evaluate the work of the subordinates, and has the responsibility to help the subordinates grow up. The ability of subordinates to perform and the recommendation of excellent talents are important factors in determining the promotion and personnel treatment of managers.

We encourage employees to be aware of the company's goals and the ownership of their work, and each employee contributes by doing well to the company as a company goal. Employees should strive to expand their vision, deepen their understanding of the company's goals and requirements, foster a way of thinking that others contribute, and improve collaboration skills and skills. On the other hand, employees should abide by the constraints between duties, avoid overstepping, and controlly expose the management loopholes and problems that are obscured by unclear duties. Employees are obliged to realistically report the malpractices and mistakes in the overshadowed management. Allow employees to act cheaply in an emergency, and contribute to the company's grasp of opportunities, avoiding risks, and mitigating losses. However, in this case, the leapfrog or the cheaper must be responsible for their actions and their consequences. Employees must keep the company secret.

Each employee has the following basic rights, namely, the right to consult, the right to make, the right to appeal, and the right to retain opinions. Employees have the right to consult with their supervisors on the premise of ensuring the smooth running of their work or business. The supervisor is responsible for making reasonable explanations and explanations. Employees have the right to rationalize the improvement of business and management. Employees have the right to appeal to the boss of the immediate superior for the treatment of the injustice. The appeal must be truthful and submitted in writing and must not affect the job or interfere with the normal operation of the organization. The complaints of the supervisors at all levels to the employees of the subordinates must be clarified as soon as possible.

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