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云南十一选五: High-level training

云南十一选五 Corporate strategy, leadership, organizational management, management, investment, etc.

Advanced training

Professional manager training, MBA seminar

Staff level training

  • R&D/Technology

    Latest research and technology; national/regional environmental protection policies and regulations; thinking training, research methods; project cost budget management, bidding practice, etc.

  • Market/business

    Major customer public relations, target market industry analysis, marketing skills, business etiquette, marketing team management, stress and emotional management, executive development training, etc.

  • Engineering / production

    Production management, warehouse management, procurement strategy and negotiation skills, financial/tax knowledge, import and export business, safety management, project management

  • Human Resources

    Human resource management module improvement, latest labor law laws and regulations, executive training, etc.

  • Financial/taxation

    Investment and financing management, latest fiscal and taxation policies and regulations, asset risk management, etc.

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